Efek Buruk Tattoo

By: @RogerBezanis, 5 Dec 12

Tattooing increases the health liability of the tattooed by 15 to 20 times. Those getting tattoos unknowingly are dancing with illness.

Scientists say, tattoo inks contain lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, titanium & other heavy metals that can spawn disease & disability.

Not only can tattoo ink spawn disease & disability they fuel & spread disease already existent in the body but at a weak stage.

Yes, by adding a tattoo we greatly weaken the immune system, skin ages quickly and we reduce our ability to fight infection body wide.

Tattoo ink directly attacks the liver causing swelling (Hepatitis). Many think needles do this. No, it’s the ink disabling the liver.

If left unattended for years, tattoos eventually disappear as the liver has finally ridded the body of this harmful toxin.

The FDA says new tattoos are made more fade resistant because the inks are industrial grade & suitable for printing & or automobile paint.

Tattoo ink and automobile paint have much in common based on chemical composition. Tattoos make physical decline is inevitable.

There’s no metal or mineral decoration that we can do to the body without paying some sort of consequence. There are no free rides.

The best way to rid the body of tattoos is doing a 3 month detox every 8 months, and eating as clean as possible with Whole Raw Foods.



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